Day 365: Tell Your Story, Round 3

I finally found my camera cord!  Whoo hoo!!

So here’s a quick run-down of the pages I’ve been working on.  I’m quite a bit behind, but I’m not too worried about it.  I’m trying to knock out a big part of my spring cleaning project this week, and I’m sure I’ll get bored of it often.  😀

I haven’t actually completed my bag journal yet, but I made a page with a paper bag pocket for it.  I think I’ll probably take it to Greece when we go over in August and then when I’ve finished it, I’ll store it in my Tell Your Story journal in the pocket.  For my “Dream List”, I stamped one of my butterfly stamps in copper and wrote over it in blue because I liked the contrast of the copper (almost orange) and blue.  I cut the letters from scrap fabric my mother gave me.

My dream list reads:

* have a farm/vineyard with horses, cows, chickens, the lot…with a little shop to see what we grow/make. 🙂

* get all the degrees I want – even if everyone thinks I’m crazy, and it takes the rest of my life.

* be a homeschool teacher – not only to my kids but to anyone’s who want it! – and to make learning FUN!

* to make a noticeable difference in the world.

I know the “make learning FUN!” part is a little cheesy, but I feel like a big problem in schools nowadays (not all but a lot) is that kids are bored and uninterested, and they don’t pay attention because they don’t get anything out of the way they’re being taught.  One of the biggest appeals of homeschooling to me is the ability to engage your students with hands-on activities and field trips.  To museums and planetariums and the park down the street.  Stuff like that.

Next are my picture-based page and my “A Closer Look” page.

I cut out the words “This is bliss.” for the picture-based page.  I accidentally put glue on the wrong side of the “s” in “This”, but I thought it was kind of cute, so I left it.  For the “A Closer Look” page, I layered a printed map of Bahrain with a copy of a page from The Things They Carried.  I used a crayon to draw a heart and a piece of off-white paper for my journaling, which says,

J –

I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like I appreciate everything you do for us, but I don’t know what Jason & I would do with out your constant love & support.  I love you, old man! ❤

I edited a picture of me and J on Picnik and painted “a closer look…” across the top.

Next are my two print-inspired pages.

The print-as-background page is an ad from a magazine that had a woman in a bed under a huge tree and reads, “my UNEXPECTED” across the bottom.  I journaled:

thoughts on being a dreamer: i’m always looking forward.  i love to daydream about the future, especially now that i have something definite to look forward to.  a life with my little man and my Navy man.  and perhaps a few more baby bumps.  🙂

I added a couple clouds I cut from another ad and penned in some rain on the right-hand side of the tree.  I let the ad drift onto the next page to create a day into night effect.  I covered the rest of the page with black washi tape and cut stars from another neutral-colored ad with a little text.  I outlined the stars with a white gel pen and added an old picture of myself.  Underneath I wrote, “This is my favorite picture of me.  My friend Julie took it while we were getting ready for an MCR concert.”

Amazing concert, BTW.  😀

The last two pages I’ve finished are my “Noted” page and my “Summer” page.

For the “Noted” page I used air mail striped washi tape to create the title.  The doodles are from a fingerprint art book that my parents used to make my Mother’s Day present from my little man (SO cute!).  It was a blast.  They each coincide with something on my list of things that make me happy.  The journaling reads:

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and note the good things in life…

  • my little man – one of the best things that has happened to me
  • my Navy man – the other best thing that’s happened to me
  • Saturdays at the farmers’ market
  • my clan – my big, crazy, loving fam

For my “Summer” page I used some gorgeous bright scrapbooking paper from a pad I have.  I painted the title “Summer” and added a couple adhesive envelopes to put my summer goals in.  I also added a couple punched butterflies (because what’s a page without butterflies?) and an excerpt from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself, Verse 21”.

My summer goal list will follow once I’ve completed it.


About Nicole

My job titles include Mommy of (Almost) Two, Lifelong Learner and Stampin' Up! Demo Extraordinaire. My hobbies include papercrafting, sewing, geocaching, letterboxing and going on adventures. I currently live on NBK-Bangor in Washington State, and it's definitely a life experience!
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6 Responses to Day 365: Tell Your Story, Round 3

  1. Heather says:

    Love your pages! They are gorgeous!

  2. kellie says:

    these are fabulous!! what a great memory to keep for years!

  3. kendra says:

    i adore your handwriting! it looks so neat and pretty!

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