Day 594, Part II: Resolutions

I love making New Year’s resolutions, but like I said in my previous post, I hardly ever stick to them for more than a few weeks.  I end up with a long list of well-intentioned ideas of what I want to accomplish and change, and then life gets in the way, and all those good intentions go down the drain.

This year I thought I’d do a play off Elsie‘s Four Simple Goals – since I did horribly with the original attempt.  If you missed the first time or have forgotten, the concept is this (taken from Elsie’s post):


1. choose simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis. choose things you may not otherwise get done, but that are not difficult to accomplish.

2. do not choose result oriented goals, choose activity oriented goals. for example…. instead of “lose 10 pounds”, choose something like “eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day”. get what i’m saying? positive actions instead of just the end result!

3. choose goals that are personal that you believe will truly make your life richer just by doing them! they can be daily, weekly or one time experiences.

4. choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished! it can be a small or large reward.

5. blog your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year!

Easy enough, right?  Right.  So here are my four simple goals.

  1. Become a more forgiving, loving person.
  2. Give myself more time to do what I love – sewing, crafting, art journaling, online fun classes.
  3. Create a personal style, and embrace it.
  4. Dedicate the time and energy needed to make my business a success.

Rewards for these goals are kind of difficult to determine because it’s hard to tell when they’ve been accomplished until it actually happens and because the results in and of themselves are the rewards.  Becoming a more loving and forgiving person will improve my relationships and relieve a LOT of stress.  Giving myself more time for fun stuff means more fun stuff in my life!  Embracing my personal style will give me self-confidence and allow me to feel like I’m expressing myself fully and intentionally.  Making my business a success will help me feel accomplished and like I’m contributing financially to my family -which will be a huge reward for me.  Because of this, I’m not going to list rewards for myself.  But if I feel like I’m doing particularly well with my goals, I certainly won’t think twice about getting myself a little “You’re doing a great job!” prize. 😀

What are your resolutions for this year?


About Nicole

My job titles include Mommy of (Almost) Two, Lifelong Learner and Stampin' Up! Demo Extraordinaire. My hobbies include papercrafting, sewing, geocaching, letterboxing and going on adventures. I currently live on NBK-Bangor in Washington State, and it's definitely a life experience!
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