Day 851: Red Friday, v.6

I haven’t felt much like writing about the military lately.

I tend to have a delayed reaction to emotional events, and with Little J and me hitting the road for the East Coast so shortly after the Stennis deployed, it allowed for even more of a delay in dealing with J leaving.  As a result, I think I’m just now fully entering into that emotional disorganization phase.

And it sucks.

Everyone knows that military life is hard.  The constant moving, the separation, the crazy work hours, etc, etc.  But I’m learning more and more every day that knowing it doesn’t mean you’re prepared for it.

What’s the most frustrating for me is this isn’t the longest separation we’ve been through.  Last year we saw J three weeks out of the entire year.  He was gone over eleven months, nine of which were consecutive.  Compared to that, seven should be manageable.

I’m proud of what my husband does.  He has a career that most people would never even dream of considering, and I can’t blame them for that.  While I considered the military in passing back in the day, I never would’ve cut it.  I certainly never would’ve been able to be a lifer.  This is as close as I’ll come to wearing a uniform.  I’m thankful for the opportunities the military has afforded us and will afford us before J retires.

But to be honest, these days the price for those opportunities seems awfully high.


About Nicole

My job titles include Mommy of (Almost) Two, Lifelong Learner and Stampin' Up! Demo Extraordinaire. My hobbies include papercrafting, sewing, geocaching, letterboxing and going on adventures. I currently live on NBK-Bangor in Washington State, and it's definitely a life experience!
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2 Responses to Day 851: Red Friday, v.6

  1. Kristi says:

    Hey Nicole,

    I had been reading your blog sometime back at the beginning of the year but stopped reading blogs all together for a while. I’m glad I found yours again! Your Red Friday posts are great, my husband’s cousin is coming back from Afghanistan in a couple weeks so the Cycle of Deployment info gives me a bit of insight into what him and his gf are going through/will be going through.


    PS your baby bump is ADORABLE!

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