My Little Clan

I’m nearly two and a half decades young, and I plan to be a writer when I grow up.  I also want to have a homeschool group for the simple fact that homeschooling = more field trips.  And I love to teach.  I’m a chaotic mess, and my surroundings often reflect this.  I have slight OCD when it comes to things matching and despise the sound of Styrofoam.  I am three months from owning my first car – my two cars before this were hand-me-downs (not that I’m complaining) – and I love her.  She’s a 16-year-old burgundy Saturn station wagon named Rhodie with peeling sealer and a falling-in ceiling, and despite having no CD player, cup holders or a “low gas” light, she’s a gem.  I’m a fantastic planner but have trouble with the follow-through.  I have a mile-long list of hobbies I want to take up “when I have the time”, and I’m slowly but surely marking them off.

My Navy man.  Unlike my two and a half decades young, he’s an ancient quarter-century old, and he’s reminded of it frequently. 🙂  He gets to travel to delightfully exotic places that I can only hope he’ll return later with Little J and me in tow (namely Bahrain, otherwise known as The Sandbox) and play with guns (He’s an MA, so he’s allowed.).  He has an affinity for golf, reality TV and those video games you play with headphones, so you can yell at the other players.  He’s fortunately extremely tolerant and doesn’t hold a grudge – two musts for having a chaotic mess of a girlfriend – and he has an uncanny ability for picking out the best presents, which is extremely difficult to compete with.  He is great with the follow-through and not in the slightest OCD about anything.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s pretty much perfect.

My little man.  He makes everyone – and I mean everyone – laugh and likes to yell “Hi!” at anyone who walks past.  He frequently claps for himself and holds long conversations with the baby in the mirror who fortunately can keep up as I cannot.  He celebrated his first birthday in May, and he already exhibits signs of the Terrible Two’s.  He happily says, “Dada.” in response to everything you ask him, though he’s perfectly capable of saying “Mama” when he’s angry.  He is a food connoisseur and enjoys apple cinnamon oatmeal, rice and lentils and carpet fuzzies.   His current life goals include chewing through everything he can get his hands on and pulling himself up on Mommy’s pant legs.


3 Responses to My Little Clan

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Showing Dad your blog. Very cool! Great writing and really well done. Write on!

    Love you.

  2. Bob Eldridge says:

    Time to update your blog when you get a spare monent!!!

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